Monthly Member Mondays: Barb Crandall

Barb Crandall is our highlighted member this month! She has been an art teacher at JFK Elementary School, Winooksi, VT for over 30 years! Here's her interview.

1. Where did you grow up and/or how did you know you wanted to become an art educator?

I did most of my growing up in Ct. but have lived in NY and Indiana!

2. How long have you been at Winooski? Have you taught anywhere else?

I have been teaching art in the Winooski School District since 1987.

I began my teaching career with the Vt arts Council for 1 year then taught 9 years at Lake Region HS in Orleans Vt.

3. What is your favorite medium as an artist?

Hard to say!

I am seduced by most media but love clay, metal, paint and fibers!!

4. Do you have any social media accounts you would like to share with us? Webpage, Blog, Instagram, Twitter?


5. What's your teaching style/philosophy?

My teaching includes a mix of teacher directed and center based ( TAB) .

6. Outside of the art room, do you have any secret loves or talents?

Now, they wouldn’t be secret if I shared them but.....

I do love to create: I make and sell jewelry. I am excited to be member of crit group, love to travel  and most recently I am thrilled to spend time with my 3 new grandsons!

7. Any interesting places you've traveled?

Europe- my mother and her family are from Germany so as children, we were able to travel to see our grandparents!

I have been to England  and Italy several times.

I love to vacation in warm weather and have traveled to Hawaii and the Caribbean with family and Cuba with the NAEA!