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 What Is YAM?

 YAM is more than a healthy root vegetable….. Youth Art Month is great addition to your sustainable art program

Youth Art Month is a celebration of the Visual ARTS that is held each March across the country and advocates for Art Education.  VATA participates in those events and we hope you will join us this year. Our open ended 2018 theme is “Linked In” and explores the multiple and creative ways art is linked to and enhances all aspects of our curriculum and all human endeavors.


 How do I decide what to add to my plate?

 Chances are your plate already feels full. Luckily you can adapt many of your existing or completed art projects to the open-ended Linked In theme and advocate for your program and art education.  You can display work at the State House or on the YAM Flag that has a connection to math, another historic period or self-expression.  Create your own recipe.


Our State House display and YAM flag design challenge are open to all Vermont art students pre-K through Grade 12 and   our educator workshop with Mary Lacy is available to all   teachers who want to integrate Art and Math into their curriculum. VATA also brings work to the YAM museum at the National Art Education Association National Conference that will held in Seattle this March.


Try It You’ll Like it

 You will find flyers with all of the details on how to participate at the Youth Art Month page of this website.  We will add posts to the VATA blog to keep you updated through March. send us your questions and we will try to answer those as well.

Youth Art Month has been sponsored for more than 50 years by The Council for Art Education, a group of art material manufacturers who promote safety in student art supplies